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HabilUp kit

A therapeutic solution adapted to the motor abilities of children and adults with cerebral palsy or stroke, causing impairment of the lower or upper limbs.

490,00$ + tx

Cost of the kit + access to HabilUp video games 
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Do your rehabilitation in the comfort of your home

HabilUp motivates your relatives during their rehabilitation course


Test HabilUp during 1 month for free and without commitment, by yourself &/or with your therapist.


Exercices can be  easily & quickly adapted to every users by their therapists.


Measure rehabilitation performance and follow progress.


Consult your therapist to improve together the HabilUp experience.

Users' Testimonials

"Since UBIQUE TECH arrived at home, it is a real pleasure for Louis to do his rehabilitation."


"UBIQUE is a working tool, but playful at the same time!"


"It’s a more playful way to do rehabilitation  for adults and children. I always prefer doing my rehabilitation while playing games rather than going to the physiotherapist!"


"It’s easy to place and easy to use, even for very affected young people."


Therapists' Testimonials

This morning, the children I met were super happy! One of the Motor Education Institute children with cerebral palsy said: "It was really cool to use HabilUp ! Have you seen me use my hand well ?" Elodie Ramos, Occupational Therapist
HabilUp replies to a real need in rehabilitation and it's very easy to set up. It motivates children enormously to do their movements and they don't even realize they're doing their rehabilitation exercises Adeline Avril, Occupational Therapist
I am absolutely delighted, thanks to UBIQUE TECH I manage to ask the children exercises that they refused to do until now. In addition, they continue to progress at home for those who have HabilUp at home. Isabelle Sicre, Physiotherapist
We have a young person who has juvenile arthritis with whom we have tested HabilUp and was delighted when we usually have trouble getting him to adhere to our exercises over several sessions. LADAPT Motor Rehabilitation Centre
What is very positive is that children do not hesitate to play with the affected member(s), and that exercises are set up to improve the quality of contraction and relaxation. Laurent Bonotte, Psychomotor Therapist

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The fun, interactive & playfull Method of motor rehabilitation !

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Continue to use HabilUp with your child during their rehabilitation journey.

More than 100 healthcare professionals use HabilUp for rehabilitation of their patients

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The private group of UBIQUE users is a community of sharing and exchange where you can connect and chat with other parents, users of HabilUp. You will be able to share videos of how to use the kit, see videos of others, find new ideas of uses, share your own tricks!

To encourage sharing between families of users, every week, we draw a video of the group & we offer 1 free access Month to the application to the video selected!

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