Reinventing motor rehabilitation

HabilUp is a solution that allows patients to do their motor rehabilitation

at home while having fun ! 

At home
For professionals
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Occupational Therapy Partner in USA

Make it fun ! 

By using our Bluetooth sensors, connected to the HabilUp app, patients can choose the type of exercise, its difficulty, its duration, and play a video game while doing their rehabilitation.

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An adapted solution

UBIQUE TECH offers about twenty games that are adapted to the age of the patient.

It is designed for kids as early as 2 years old, for adults, and elderly patients.                                                          HabilUp allows people with the most severe motor disabilities to play games by using our highly sensitive sensors, with motion amplitudes from 5 degrees.

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Have fun during your motor rehabilitation 

HabilUp makes motor rehabilitation fun and playful: each exercise is an opportunity to have fun!                    Each player will find his or her way through the many games on the app developed by UBIQUE TECH, which are updated monthly.

Before buying it, you can test HabilUp at home or with your therapist/patient, for one month without any commitment.

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How Does it work?

Once you receive your motion sensors by mail, download the HabilUp app on your smartphone or tablet

  Follow the instructions on the operating manual to start doing your motor rehabilitation exercises in less than 2 minutes.

3 easy steps to play to HabilUp

Why choose HabilUp?

We are recommended by:

Parents of users:

  • +2000 active users

  • +3000 hours played since the launch of UBIQUE TECH

The adult users:

  • 5 sessions on average per week
  • 20 minutes of use per day on average

The centers and therapists:

  • More than 50 professionals use HabilUp with their patients
  • 4 limbs used per patient on average
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More Videos
More videos

More than 50 partner centers are equipped with UBIQUE TECH and more than 100 therapists use HabilUp devices with their patients.

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UBIQUE TECH is in 17 countries


France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Canada, Etats-Unis, Spain, Maroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Luxembourg, Singapour

A High-Tech tool for rehabilitation

The kit is composed of:

  • Two portable sensors that can be placed on all joints and measure the patient's movements. The data is instantly sent to the app on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  • An iOS / Android gaming app receives the movement data. In this same app, you can play about 20 games with any movement and any limb.
  • A patient monitoring application that allows the therapist to prescribe a rehabilitation program on the patient's agenda, to do teleconsultation sessions or simply to observe the patient's movements, to follow his progress on a dashboard, and finally to do a physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychomotricity assessment.


"He thinks he is playing video games like his cousins. He doesn't realize that he is doing his rehabilitation exercises." Elisa, on 02/17/2020
"My daughter started when she was less than 3 years old. It's effective, I highly recommend!" Noémie, on 04/12/2020
"During lockdown, Ugo keeps doing his rehabilitation exercices with UBIQUE and he loves the new games, especially Food Cutting. I really don't regret our investment, especially now." Gwenaëlle Pingot
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An offer for Individuals and one for Therapists and centres

Clinics & Therapists

The HabilUp kit is used by 50 of our partner clinics and hospitals, especially during group rehabilitation sessions.
It is also used in private practices by many occupational therapists and physiotherapists as part of their rehabilitation sessions.


On estimate

Individuals at Home

The kit can be used by individuals at home in autonomy, without the necessary intervention of a therapist. There is a version of the HabilUp kit for children and adults.



490$ + tx  

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